About us

ASTA is your ladder to success. Our intelligent digital marketing approach combined with a strong multi-channel strategic focus and technical optimization expertise, encourages your digital professional growth and development.

It's time to use social media in the right way. It's time to plan, influence on and control your presence on social networks in the most simple and professional way.

Social media management is essential for many reasons. It allows you to know what people say about your company, as well as for the competition. Helps with building connections, easy targeting and retargeting - depending on the requirements and most importantly helps with faster distribution and sale of your product. What’s more, you get information about current trends as they happen. People love and follow their interests on social media and if your company is not present, there is a great chance that your potential customers will connect with you competitors.


Website development

Social Marketing

Android and iOS app development

Windows Forms applications


Design for personalized visit cards

Creating pamphlets!



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